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 Richard C. Laventure, P.L.S, E.I.
Mr. Laventure has over twenty years of experience in all facets of Surveying and Mapping. He earned a BS in Surveying and Mapping in 1988 from the University of Florida and a BS in Civil Engineering in 1999 from the Florida Institute of Technology.
Rich is a member of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society.
Mike Harris
  Project Surveyor
 Heather Corson
Joe Holohan
  Project Surveyor
  Edie Denuzzio
Michelle Ward
 Billing/Accounts Recievable
Mr. Harris has extensive Surveying and Mapping experience. In addition to field crew coordination and project scheduling skills, he has a proficient understanding of consultant/client relations with regard to project timeframes. Mr. Harris has successfully completed numerous projects from inception to completion.
Mr. Holohanís Survey duties include data input, mapping and crew coordination. Mr. Holohan is also a part of the Quality Control and Quality Assurance Team.